piattaforme a 4 griffe indipendenti

Independent Chuck with 4 independent jaws

This independent chuck line has been studied to obtain:

  • High power lock
  • Accuracy
  • Sturdiness
  • Duration

Special high-resistence cast-iron body, plenty ribbed. Steel body on demand.

Jaws manufactured out of Chronium/Nickel steel and given the importance of independent chuck accuracy and duration,undergo heat treatment and rectification of all areas.

Command screws manufactured out of Chronium/Nickel steel and subjected to heat treatment of hardening, tempering and rectifilation.

Per realizzare queste condizioni sono state adottate fasi di lavorazione e controllo particolarmente severe, affinate dall’esperienza quarantennale in questo settore.
Le piattaforme a griffe indipendenti O.M.A.P, sono disponibili per tutti gli attacchi unificati per le macchine utensili.


Special high-resistance cast-iron; sturdy and reinforced with ribs to avoid strain caused by fasteners. All outer surfaces and spindle noses are completely ground and finished.


Such important parts are manufactured out of special Chromium/Nickel steel; they undergo a multiple heat treatment cycle and are then groung.

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