6 griffe guida semplice

6 Jaws single tenon | with 6 jaws for sharpening machines

Front coupling - Ring nut manual control

  • Chuck with 6 jaws ring nut manual control with front coupling
  • Chuck with 6 jaws manual control with front coupling


The materials utilized for the construction of Tribloc are strictly selected through tests and trials performed during manufacturing processes and after the heat treatment. As a matter of fact, after carburizing, hard - ening and tempering, each single element is subjected to the Rockwell C test. The excellent choise of the materials as well as their technological and final mechani - cal properties, guarantee the efficiency of Tribloc, even after long use under the most varied stresses. High-resistance and special Meehanite cast-iron that has undergone stabilizing treatment is melted into the body, cover and integral coupling. Nickel- chromemolybdenum steel alloy gears, pinion, jaws, clamp holding sliders, B clamps, key and wrench bodies, are obtained through pressing, rolling and forging. Turnable clamps (type A) are made out of C. 40 steel.


Tribloc self-centering chucks have served the most exacting requirements for over 30 years. Every detail of the kinematic mechanism is grind-finished, including the coupling of clamps and spirals. Gears and various-diameter jaws and clamp grips are finished by special fixtures with construction centering, so minimising any possible concentricity or flatness error. Each Tribloc is carefully tested according to Stanimuc standards (Federated to the Italian Standard Institute) by two separate tests and then delivered with a testing report and an “assembling instructions” leaflet.


The design of the various Tribloc models of the series 33 has attached the utmost importance to tool functionality, in view of the specific requirements for use. This essential feature is made manifest by the variety of versions provided in our range of offer. On the clamp holding slider (false jaws), an entirely ground double-dap coupling is ob - tained, independent from the housing size on the body, wich allows clamp reversibility on 2+2 different diametral positions, thus enlarging considerably the gripping field by the total utilization of the turnable clamps (either normal or extended). With their set of accessories, Tribloc selfcentering chucks are suitable both for mass work and tooling.


Every detail of the chuck has been designed in order to minimise ageing, processing and wear deformation, thus providing excellent sturdiness even when the tool is confronted with heavy work. For diameters from 100 to 200, bodies are entirely turned; from diameter 225 on they are provided with 6-8 sturdy ribs connected by a double ring. The ISO 702/II - 702/III standardized cou - pling are integrally built in the self-centering chuck, thus strengthening their fastening to the machine.


The twisting moment normally applied on the wrench that is supplied with Tribloc guarantees secure clamping, in terms of grip on both the finished part (jaws or turnable clamps of type A) and the rough part (clamps of type B in casehardened hardened steel with notched-end pyramidfrustum or strong-grip jaws). In order to clamp irregular parts, also 2-3-4 radial T-grooves are performed on the body on request, wich may open both inwards and outwards. The gear-cut gear-pinion bevel pair and shortpitch spiral, allow the highest twistingmoment reduction ratio on the move wrench.


If need be, all finished or semifinished prod - ucts are available in stck, considering that some of them, like bodies, gears and jaws need centering alignment after snugging. When ordered, spare parts must be accom - pained by the following reference details: - chuck diameter and part number. Their guarantee covers failure due to work - manship faults for one year from date of purchase.

Test certificate of the chucks

Geometric checks and guarantee on the self-centring chucks. ISO 9001:2000 certification for design and manufacture of self-centring manually controlled chucks.
Such approval certifies that the Company follows a strict protocol to comply with high standards of quality, organization and professionalism in order to offer its customers a product that is in line with their expectations.

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